Our Services

Oncology Support

Our oncology support doctor, Dr. Niki Young, ND, understands the whirlwind of information surrounding oncology and is equipped to help cancer patients navigate the overwhelming array of research and options. Dr. Young does not replace the patient's oncologist, but instead works with the patient's doctors to enhance treatment effectiveness and the patient's quality of life during and after treatment.

Our nutritional support and detoxification protocols focus on rebuilding the patient's strength and nutritional health, aiming to foster the optimum conditions for chemotherapy effectiveness and the minimization of conventional treatments negative side effects. Dr. Young also works with patients to implement lifestyle modifications and supplementation protocols to prevent cancer and reduce risk of cancer reoccurrence.

Our Approaches :

  • Nutritional IVs and Supplementation

  • Detoxification IVs and Supplementation

  • Chemotherapy Support

  • Diet and Lifestyle Modification

  • Emotional and Family Counseling

  • Prevention (Cancer Biology 101)

    Our Doctors for Oncology Support: